We’re happy to announce the Top 6 contestants for the last round of Arabia Face Awards 2017! Good Luck everyone!

The second challenge is here and it’s all about that candylicious look! Watch the video for further details!

We are so excited to introduce our Top 20! Check out the looks they created in the video below!

The Arabia Face Awards 2017 coaches are here to show you just how easy it is to participate in our second season! Just follow their steps!

Challenge #1

Get ready as the first challenge from the second season of Arabia Face Awards has arrived! If you would like to participate in our second season then make sure to watch the video!

Got the call?

Got the call? 2017 Arabia Face Awards is back with season 2! We’re very excited to start a new round of challenges! Amazing prizes await you… Stay tuned!


It was just another normal day in Maya, Samer, Hanan, Dalal and Noha’s daily lives until… the pink phone rang! Stay tuned to find out why!